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The $1,500 billion market for work and expertise on demand is evolving at a fast pace, now with more than 100 million freelancing Talent engaged by companies around the world who are looking for business agility.

Talao is the first decentralized protocol and marketplace enabling companies to mobilize the best Talent in the major industrial and technological sectors.

Because the best talent take years to build their reputation, the TALAO token gives them the means to certify their experience and regain possession of their reputation.

Because the best talent owe their success only to their work and their skills, Talao builds a model
without middlemen and commission.

Because the best talent thrive in an environment where they feel confident, Talao gives them the keys to the governance of the platform in a transparent and fair way.

Welcome to Talao, the Future of Work.

our first clients

key features

The Protocol of Certified Professional Reputation

Talao introduces a unique way for talent to own their professional reputation data thanks to a secured digital vault storing certificates on the blockchain.

With Talao, Freelancing Talent own their professional reputation, not the platforms. Sharing plans with agents are also available, allowing job boards and other marketplaces to use this unique feature.

100% on the blockchain, 100% own by Talent. Only usable with the TALAO token. Any Marketplace. Any job board. Anywhere.


Talao is the first international and fully decentralized organization managed by Talent. The Talao reputation system is designed to enforce professionalism and fairness in the ecosystem. It includes client satisfaction and community contribution. The Talao decision making system is made up of smart contracts to propose, vote and finally to change data used by the marketplace, the Reputation Vault and the DAO itself. All decisions are supported by Talent reputation.

0% Commission, Middlemen-free marketplace

From escrow to payment, the marketplace uses Ethereum smart contracts. There are no middlemen and 0% fees taken by the platform. The marketplace business model is a Freemium model with feature prices set by Talent communities.

The Talao Token, fuel of the platform

The TALAO token is a utility token and ERC20 compliant. It is needed to access marketplace services, DAO functionalities and to manage a personal Reputation Vault.
It has 2 types of usage.
Tokens are either stacked as deposits (protocol stacking function written in the token smart contract) or transferred from client wallets to talents’ or community wallets (protocol transactional function).

Transparent and fair governance

Although it is incorporated as a company, Talao is not structured to distribute profits to its shareholders. If anything, profits are to be reinvested in the company to finance its future development. Company articles of association are public and a copy is uploaded to IPFS. The DAO voting process is a public smart contract too. As provided by Talao’s articles of association, the Board is composed of members who are appointed by the founders and DAO communities.

An escrow system with tribunal for conflict settlement

When fixed price contracts are paid with tokens and signed between
Talent and clients, funds are escrowed.

In case of conflict, a reputation based tribunal will settle the issue.

Multiple means of payment

Payments can be made in fiat or with
crypto-currencies. This makes the platform
adoption quick and easy and functionalities
closer to the needs of client and talent.

how will talao actually work?

Talao benefits from the experience of the eMindHub marketplace, a leading platform for experts which has already been using non-crypto tokens for 2 years.

> have a look at the beta version

Here is a little tutorial to immerse yourself in the future of work.


go to market strategy

The go to market strategy is focused on ensuring quick and optimal adoption of the TALAO token from very specific communities. The Talao marketplace has client and talent as users, and the entire approach to success centres on the concept of a “virtuous cycle.” Satisfied clients attract more clients, mostly through word of mouth.

The best talent attract clients. Our conviction is that a new network effect boosted with tokens has
to be at the heart of the go to market strategy. The opportunity to incentivise early adopters with
TALAO tokens and to develop an efficient go to market strategy is a key driver.

The Talao Ambassador Program for Influencer is designed to offer a token package and a marketing
campaign in exchange for community development and management. The Talao Ambassador
Program for business acquisition is a token with 10% bonus for the first 6 months’ revenues brought
to the marketplace by one Talent with a Reputation Vault opening.

For clients the go to market roadmap is to propose private freelancing marketplaces. These marketplaces have customers’ specifications for web design, login process, confidentiality, data management and contractualization.

go to market strategy talent side

Focus on particular Talent markets: Focus on markets where skilled freelancers are rare. Talao has already opened communities to Aerospace & Defence, Greentech & Energy, Open Source Committers, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Robotics, Legal Services, AI & Data Science, Security Consultants, Marketing Services, DevOps and Full stack developers

Identify community influencers and engage them to use Talao with Ambassador programs: Propose
the best known influencers to drive communities and influence within the DAO. Propose medium to high amount of token allocation.

Deploy Ambassador programs for business acquisition: Propose TALAO tokens to Talent who bring their clients and business to the Talao marketplace. Propose low amount of token allocation.

go to market strategy client side

Propose Private freelancing marketplace to large customers: Private freelancing marketplaces have customers’ specifications for web design, login process, confidentiality and data management (White label or Talao branding).

Propose marketing campaigns to key players for talent acquisition: Marketing campaigns include prepaid content, institutional communication and press relations.

budget allocation

All the team members are fully dedicated to their job. Some are freelancers and may work through
the Talao marketplace but most of them work in a same office based in France. Foreign teams are
sales representatives only. We do not plan to move production teams outside of France.

Round A: Budget allocation

A team from 20 (2018) to 60 people (2023) full time, 30 people based in Paris offices and 30 in foreign countries.

token distribution

Round A is to position TALAO as a worldwide leader in 10 high value sectors. The second round will enable TALAO to become the world leader with a minimum of 5M users.

Total token supply: 150,000,000
TALAO Token type: ERC20


Entrepreneurs, pioneers of the first hour of the Internet, building on the success of 3 IPOs, and the development of eMindHub: leading platform connecting talent and blue chip companies. Heirs of 2.0, now with Talao we are pioneers of 3.0. And with Talao, we bring to life the values of the community blockchain.

Disruption: in love with a France that is evolving, always moving, we ourselves positioned at the forefront of technology and anticipating the major changes that will shape the entire world of work.

Integrity: It is the foundation of our project: transparency and security of a service based on blockchain, kindness and sense of mutual trust within a community.

Empowerment: This is the essence of Talao, its reason for being. It is the core in the design of a platform built to revolutionize the workplace by empowering Talent.

Nicolas Muller
CEO — Co-Founder

Founder of eMindHub in 2015, expert in Know-HowManagement and Skills Management, with strong experience in Engineering, Manufacturing and Aerospace.

Thierry Thevenet
COO — Co-founder

Former founder and CEO of Fi System (public company), the first French digital agency to take advantage of the Internet disruption, as well as the Kairos Company, a scientific expedition operator. Thierry leads the Fi System IPO.

Denis Lafont-Trevisan
Head of Growth Co-founder

Outsourcing and Technology Markets specialist, former co-founder of Fi System, former Vice President of Capgemini and former Venture Capitalist.

Jean-Charles Marcos

Former AKKA Research General Manager, with more than 25 years in the engineering services area, and with strong experience in Energy.

Yoann Babel

Co-founder of Talao, 20 years of experience in the development and management of open source projects. Drupal specialist for more than 10 years.

Bertrand Frey
Head of marketing and communication

A specialist in relational communications, Bertrand co-founded and developed growth companies that have been either publicly traded or sold to leaders in their sector: Fi System, CRM Company, Come & Stay,

Voula Muller
International Business Development

Strategy and marketing leader with nearly two decades of experience in the telecom industry in Australia and Europe.

Maxime Hagenbourger
Blockchain Team Leader

After working at CERN and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise on conception and development, Maxime is now CTO at Blockchain Partner – a leading French blockchain company – and has a strong experience in smart contracts and blockchain projects architecture.

Guillaume Duveau
Lead Developer

After 13 years as a CNRS web engineeer, Guillaume is lead developer at Talao. He implements interactivity between Smarts contracts, ReactJS and Drupal.

Théo Loubet-Tuze
Operations manager

Engineer specialized in business development. In charge of expanding the Talent network and
Product Management for Talao.


Stéphane Fouks
Vice President Havas Group

Stephane is an advisor for CEOs in France and worldwide. He will help Talao to become a global brand.

Matan Field
CEO of DAOstack

Matan will help Talao to build the largest DAO to date. Matan is the co-founder o DAOstack, the first open source framework to build effective decision making in DAOs

Michael Amar
Board Member Chain Accelerator

Michael Amar board member of Chain Accelerator, CEO of ifeelgoods is an international entrepreneur with solid experience. His business expertise extends across the worldwide marketplace including US, Europe, Israel, and Japan, possessing the ability to deliver success in both B2B and B2C environments.

Fabien Potencier
Creator of the Symfony open source project, Founder and CEO of SensioLabs and Blackfire

He will help Talao maximise open source best practices and help develop the DAO as a tool for open source communities.

François Davy
Partner at Bridgepoint

François Davy is Partner at Bridgepoint. Previously, he was CEO of Adecco France, the leading Staff Agency worldwide (450 locations within 60 countries). François wil provide Talao with his knowledge of the staffing industry.

Gaspard Koenig

Gaspard Koenig is a French philosophy professor and writer, developing liberal / libertarian thinking. He created the Paris-based think tank Generation Libre which recently published a widely discussed paper advocating for ownership rights on personal data. He is currently working on the concept of Self Ownership. Gaspard will help Talao explore the consequences of blockchain tools on our professional lives.

Frédéric Fontaine
Managing partner at Fontaine Lawyers

Frédéric is a French lawyer admitted at the Paris Bar in 1987. He specialises in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial engineering and private equity. Frédéric is Talao’s legal advisor.


technical framework

The Talao project should be considered firstly as a mixed centralized/decentralized then ultimately a fully decentralized, public and secured platform. The initial eMindhub environment is based on an open source CMS and SGBD. Artificial Intelligent algorithms are coded with native language and executed on a remote server. Launched in 2015, the eMindHub marketplace is currently in production. The Talao target architecture is a set of Ethereum blockchain Dapps based on smart contracts possibly associated with off-chain data and off-chain programs. Off-chain data and programs are then indestructible and tamperproof to reach DAO standards. The technical framework includes open source projects like DAOstack, OpenZeppelin, Blockcerts, IPFS, BigchainDB.

Ethereum smart contracts are non-censorable programs that live on Ethereum blockchain and have their executable code and internal states, including storage for variable values, Ether and dApp token balance. Ethereum smart contract can solve a number of data management problems. It provides a distributed and permanent record of transactions that can be encrypted to provide access to users, and new transactions are added and verified according to protocols that ensure consensus.

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